In-House Developments

  1. Gradient based, Tracking system, for MRI: this includes tracking handle and catheter using double or single 3D pickup coils. High level front end, signal conditioning and simultaneous high speed sampling.
  2. Special tracking software algorithm running on host computer for different clinical applications.
  3. Prostate biopsy using MRI: using the MRI image and the tracking system as a pointing device, a unique plastic manipulator was developed to accurately and comfortably hold, place and direct the biopsy needle to the tumor location, by the physician.
  4. Endoscope for MRI
  5. Head mounted display
  6. MRI compatible display
  7. Motion artifact correction/monitoring for MRI
  8. Location and orientation system for Gastrointestinal navigation system using Given Imaging capsule.
  9. Cryogenic Preservation of Biopsy Tissue